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Metastaking offers a way for liquidity providers to earn from three revenue streams simultaneously (apart from the rewards earned for having energy). Users can earn from trading fees, staking their LP tokens into eligible farms, and from staking the Farm position for additional rewards in the respective’s farm token, i.e. $UTK or $RIDE.


When staking a Farm token in Metastaking, users will earn additional rewards on the eligible part of their provided liquidity.

An example to this would be a LP token consisting of 1000 UTK and 1 EGLD. When Metastaking this Farm token, you would earn additional rewards on the UTK part of your LP position.

The Metastaking pools may also be used to stake regular tokens and not as provided liquidity.

An important note for withdrawing from Metastaking:

  • Withdrawing from Metastaking returns wrapped EGLD to your wallet immediately. The other half of the liquidity (i.e. $UTK) can be claimed after 10 days unbonding time.
  • When unstaking tokens that weren’t in a LP position, they will also become claimable after a 10 epochs unbonding period.