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Metabonding is the ultimate community bootstrapping product for Web3 startups. A Web3 bonding fire that has become the golden standard for community building. The front-page of the builder's scene.

Projects building on MultiversX will be able to establish a long-term commitment with the most hardcore community members, by distributing 10% of their token supply over the course of 2 years to all accounts, proportional to their energy.

The projects taking part in the Metabonding project see rapid adoption and are benefiting from:

  • Awareness from the entire MultiversX community
  • Metabonding snapshotting template
  • A staking program template
  • Listing on the xExchange DEX
  • Listing on the xPortal App
  • “Learn and Earn” style campaigns
  • Trading competitions

Metabonding rewards become available to energy holders once per week, every Thursday. They are calculated based on the energy level of accounts, pro rata, and are claimable for up to 4 weeks since they become available.