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The new Energy system not only rewards users based on xMEX holdings, but also on lock duration.

xMEX has special benefits, rewards and usecases across the entire exchange and even other products.

Boosted APR in Farms

You will earn base rewards and boosted rewards. Boosted rewards are entirely dependent on the amount of Energy you have.

Boosted APR in Metastaking

Rewards received when Metastaking and having energy will be higher than rewards received for the same Metastaking position with less/no energy.


Metabonding rewards are exclusively distributed to users who have Energy.

Rewards for having energy

5% of the xMEX emissions will go to people with Energy. There is no need to stake your xMEX. Just holding it in the wallet is enough to earn rewards.

Launchpad tiers

There are two different tier systems. One is based on staked EGLD, while the other is based on energy.

Governance power

You are able to vote on governance proposals, based on your Energy.

Swap fees rewards

0.05% of all swap fees go towards all people with Energy, while another 0.05% go towards buying back and burning MEX.

Energy removal fees rewards

When reducing or removing the energy of your xMEX, you pay a penalty. 50% of that penalty gets burnt, while the other half gets distributed to all people with Energy.

Last but not least, it’s important to stress that it is possible to earn rewards from all reward streams at the same time. You can have your xMEX added with EGLD in a liquidity farm and benefit from swap rewards, farm rewards, boosted farm rewards, metabonding, governance, launchpad tiers, the swap fees rewards and energy removal rewards simultaneously.

To learn more about the utility, check out the xExchange Whitepaper.