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What is the Agora?

The Agora (which means the central public place in ancient Greek) is xExchange forum (, where users can start discussions on any subject related to xExchange, and participate in ongoing ones by posting messages. For this, users must have logged in with their wallet and be at least in the Faraday league, i.e. have more than 5 billion energy.

There are two categories of discussions on the Agora: the "General discussions" category for discussing any subject xExchange related, and the "xEIP discussions" category for discussing xExchange Improvement Proposals.

"General discussions" category

This category is for discussing any subject related to xExchange (product, strategy, tokenomics, website, etc.). A user can, for instance, ask a question related to the protocol, share ideas with the community, gather community feedback on a certain question or idea, or present a tool they created to enhance xExchange in any way.

"xEIP discussions" category

This category is for discussing xExchange Improvement Proposals (xEIPs): proposals of changes of xExchange, on any of its aspects (product, strategy, tokenomics, website, etc.). This is usually a preliminary step before publishing an actual xEIP on-chain to have it voted by governance (see Governance page).

For each xEIP discussion, users will see a tag which indicates the status of the xEIP. By default the tag is "[Draft]", but it can be changed by the Agora admins: if the xEIP has been published on-chain and a vote is ongoing, the tag will be "[Vote ongoing]", and if the voting period has ended, then a tag "[Accepted]" or "[Rejected]" will be given to indicate the vote outcome. In case the xEIP discussion has ended and the proposal won’t be published on-chain, the xEIP discussion would have the "[Abandoned]" tag.